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complete guide to istanbul

Complete Guide to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most amazing cities on Earth. That is no exaggeration. It has been famous for hundreds, even thousands of years as a place that travelers have longed to visit, and nothing has...

Antalya Old Town

ANTALYA OLD TOWN – Things to do and see

Antalya Old Town, also known as Kaleici, is the central point of the city of Antalya. It is fair to say that the entire city of Antalya is built with Old Town at its center, because really, it is...

complete guide to Kadikoy

Complete Guide to Kadikoy, Istanbul

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood of Istanbul to base yourself, most visitors tend to totally overlook Kadikoy. This is a shame, as Kadikoy is a wonderful place with many aspects that are...

complete guide to penang

Complete Guide to Penang, Malaysia

Penang is a place that I never had high on my list of places to visit in South East Asia. Now, along with other amazing cities such as Chiang Mai, it is near the top of places I now want to return to...

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art – Map, Itinerary and Guide

Penang is a wonderful place to visit, and those that come to historical George Town fall in love with it for different reason. The rich history, incredible architecture, and cultural diversity that...

Penang National Park complete guide


When I first decided that I would be coming to Penang, I did what I would usually do. Google search what there is to do in Penang! Coming from Bali, I wasn’t so interested in just another place...